Dance Gavin Dance Release Instrumental Edition of “Artificial Selection”

Fan-favorite post hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance released an instrumental edition of their hit album Artificial Selection on Thursday night at midnight ET via Rise Records. Rise also released instrumental music videos for the songs “Care” and “Midnight Crusade”. The band and record label took to Twitter on Thursday evening to announce the news, which prevailed to be instrumental album’s surprise release at midnight. This is the first big news out of the DGD camp since the conclusion of their most recent tour, the Artificial Selection Tour 2019.

The instrumental release of “Artificial Selection” by post hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance was released on May 31, 2019 at midnight.

On top of all the great news, DGD released some extra merch bundles alongside the instrumental LP release. Check out their Instagram here for full details on the releases from the band. DGD is expected to release more new music this year, including at least a single and at most, a full length album.

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