Extortionist Releases Surprise EP

Stay Sick Recordings artist Extortionist has released new music…again. The Northwest deathcore band surprised fans with a six-track self-titled EP around midnight on Friday, May 24. Of course, everyone was caught off guard. Why is that? Well, because these guys released their second album, Sever the Cord, just two months ago in March and it is a serious album of the year contender in the deathcore category.

Some of you may be asking, how does the new EP vary from Sever the Cord? Upon listening to the self-titled EP, you’ll catch pretty quickly that these guys shifted back to their deathcore roots for this track list of pit anthems. Sever the Cord put the versatility of Extortionist in full display, bridging any gap between deathcore and metalcore that was not displayed in previous releases.

The self-titled EP by Extortionist was released on Friday, May 24 at midnight, catching fans by surprise

The new EP consists of six tracks, beginning with “Bound by Poison”, an instant indication that you’re entering dangerous territory. The second track, “Circle of Serpents”, is a gritty and filthy track from the very beginning. There has been some surrounding hype around this track on Extortionist social media and it delivers with flying colors. Let’s face it, a song called “Circle of Serpents” is bound to make your ears bleed. That’s what we’re here for anyways.”

Fill the Void” kicks off with a smooth riff and clean vocal track and transforms into a jam where spinkicks are the only solution. “Forget Me”, like “Circle of Serpents”, is pure deathcore front to back and shows Extortionist is the most well-rounded band in modern deathcore. “No Soul (Part 2)” is my personal favorite from the EP, as it delivers terrific blows on both side of the Extortionist coin. The final track, “Dirty Hands”, features a more clean vocal style primarily and carries a more modern rock sound that you might hear on the local radio station. “Dirty Hands” checks all of the boxes to hit your local rock station and rightfully so, these hardworking guys deserve any and all the praise they get for constantly grinding in the studio.

Just when I thought these guys released the AOTY, they go off and release a top contender for EP of the year. If you don’t know these guys yet, start your day with Sever the Cord and finish it off with this week’s new release. Is it worth the listen? Absolutely. The self-titled EP by Extortionist encompasses everything we love about modern metal. It harnesses the group’s versatility across genres and follows up the critically acclaimed album Sever the Cord brilliantly (just two months later). Stream the new EP here and show these guys some love on Instagram and Twitter @extortionistnw.

Throne Magazine Rating: 9.5/10

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Author: Clay Drummond
Instagram: @cdrumm21

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