Weekend In Review: Defeater Self-Titled, Motionless In White, and Beartooth

The weekend of May 10, 2019 held yet another packed lineup of new hits from big name bands. The trend of great releases continues for the year, as scene veterans Motionless In White (MIW) and Beartooth slammed the weekend with loads of spontaneity.

The Beartooth release consisted of B-Side tracks to their most recent album, Disease. The B-Sides from Beartooth held two new songs, “Takeover” and “Messed Up”, both of which carry the same sound that many sound-defining anthems from the band have maintained since frontman Caleb Shomo formed the band back in 2012. “Messed Up” is potentially one of the better pieces to stem from the Disease era, apart from the critically-acclaimed singles within the album itself. “Takeover” harnesses the heavier side of Beartooth with a smooth riff throughout and loads of energy from the band comprehensively. Overall, the Disease B-Sides are terrific songs with the true Beartooth grit.

Throne Magazine Rating: 8/10

The Disease B-Sides contains two tracks that follow up the band’s third studio album, “Disease”.

Motionless In White continues to be a fan favorite for 2019. The hype around the upcoming album, Disguise, is steadily building with the third single from the album being released over the weekend. This time, MIW builds off their highly-acclaimed album Creatures and the song “Undead Ahead”. That’s right, MIW released “Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride” and some are already declaring it the best MIW song to date. It’s heavy, filthy, and everything we loved about MIW to begin with. Don’t get it twisted, this band has developed their sound for a more mainstream audience. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this one for sure won back any of the fans who lost touch with the new sound.

Throne Magazine Rating: 9.5/10

“Undead Ahead 2: Tale of the Midnight Ride” is the third single release of 2019 for MIW that will feature on the new album, “Disguise”.

Melodic hardcore band Defeater carried the weekend’s weight for full length releases. The Massachusetts-based four piece stayed true to their sound with their self-titled release, Defeater. The newest album from this hard-hitting band features 11 tracks, all of which are lyrically brilliant. The Defeater faithful has taken Twitter by storm, thus indicating the album is sitting very well with fans as a follow up to their 2015 album Abandoned. “The Worst of Fates” kicks off the album and carries the melody and theme all the way to “All Roads”, which kicks the door open and takes no prisoners. The album finishes with “No Guilt”, “Hourglass”, and “No Man Born Evil”, building a solid conclusion to a fantastic foundation set by the rest of the album.

Throne Magazine Rating: 8.5/10

The self-titled release from Defeater follows up their beloved 2015 album, “Abandoned”.

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Author: Clay Drummond
Instagram: @cdrumm21

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