The Top Releases of the First Quarter in 2019

2019 has already been one for the ages musically. Prominent names such as Issues, After the Burial, and Dance Gavin Dance have all released new music in the first four months of the year. Despite so many releases from big bands, it is the smaller bands in the scene who own the first quarter. Here’s our top 3:

3. Dayseeker – Crooked Soul (single)

Dayseeker stayed true to form with “Crooked Soul”. The song is slightly more modified vocally, with frontman Rory Rodriguez displaying his talent through more clean vocals than previous releases. “Crooked Soul” is the best release of the year up to this point and is a true testament to Dayseeker’s future as a growing name in the scene.

2. Imminence – Turn the Light On

The Swedish upcomers are yet another band putting the scene back on the map. Turn the Light On is an album of the year contender and has had the hype to do so from the very beginning. If previous releases didn’t put this band at the top of your playlist, this one certainly will. Turn the Light On surpasses all expectations.

1. Holding Absence – Holding Absence

Boy oh boy, did this British band knock it out of the park with their self-titled release. Holding Absence is one of the hardest working groups out there, and their newest album shows it. Turn the Light On can only come second to this beauty, as Holding Absence is set to take center stage in anything they do from here on out. This is your new favorite album and your new favorite band.

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