Review: Issues New Single “Tapping Out”

Atlanta-based rock band Issues has revived their musical endeavors after a three year absence from the scene. That’s right, the Issues faithful, or the “Hooligans” have waited nearly 1,000 days for the group to release new music since the release of Headspace in 2016. The day has come, as the single “Tapping Out” was released on Friday, May 3. Anticipation has been through the roof, as this is the band’s first song to be released since the departure of former vocalist and now drummer of Wildheart Michael Bohn.

Issues performing at Warped Tour (photo by Jeremy Coutu)

“Tapping Out” begins in traditional Issues fashion: a solid riff from guitarist AJ Rebello and Bassist Skyler Accord. One of the first things listeners will catch is a major difference in vocals from Tyler Carter, which leans more to his hip-hop roots both in the past and his well-established solo career. Let’s be honest, the whole hip-hop influences either flies or dies in rock music. Few have achieved success with the vocal style, excluding acts such as Hollywood Undead or Cypress Hill. “Tapping Out” is no exception, as Carter’s vocals are seemingly bland and emotionless throughout the verses of the song. The chorus picks up with more of his style, a more clean style of harmony that exercises his immense vocal talent.

Don’t get it twisted. For metal fans, AJ Rebello’s vocals alone saved this song from pure disaster. This one won’t sit well with metal fans, but the Issues faithful will find it very appealing after a three year holdout. It harnesses some of the elements Issues has built in over the years as well as changes things up a little. In my opinion, Issues is really going to have to push the limit with this album if they want to hold onto the majority of their metal fans. We have seen it all too often that band’s change their sound and they are left clinging between the rock scene and mainstream without grasping either. The overall rating of “Tapping Out” by Issues is 6/10, with some solid foundation built but a lot left to prove from these guys moving forward.

“Tapping Out” is now available on all streaming platforms. All photos by staff photographer Jeremy Coutu.

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