In Due Time: Patience Has Finally Prevailed for Cane Hill

The metal music industry is unique in a variety of ways. One thing, however, that doesn’t set this genre apart from the others is high turnover rates. A lot of bands give it a go, test the waters, and don’t reach the top in enough time for them to hold out for it. This has been true for many bands over the years who have collected a small following, only for that same following to be petrified to see the band perish.

Looking back, 2011 was a long time ago. Geez, think about how much can change in 8 years? On the contrary, the diligence of Louisiana-based metal outfit Cane Hill has not changed. The four piece group continues to stay hard at work, whether it’s on the road or in the studio. Let’s not forget that this band put out their best album thus far, Too Far Gone, just a year ago in 2018. They strike once again in 2019 with Kill The Sun, a six-track critically acclaimed masterpiece that shook up the 2019 scene early. The key to succeeding in the industry nowadays is new content consistently, placing Cane Hill right on schedule to be the next big thing. The foot stomping phenom that is Elijah Witt leads the way for this hard hitting group with his unique vocal range and his playful Twitter antics that can only compete with Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy. Listen up guys and gals, Cane Hill is fun. They are a fun group who harnesses a great atmosphere and message around their music, making them much more than a household name or just a musical god of the scene. No, Cane Hill is here to stay.

Cane Hill’s hit single “It Follows” was one of two theme songs by the group for the WWE NXT Takeover NOLA in 2018

There’s no doubt about it, we’ve seen what Cane Hill is made of up to this point. Of course, it is those who can handle longevity who make it in this line of work. 8 years in the making, the patience of this slobber-knocking metal juggernaut is finally paying of. Place them at the top of your list, because it’s a name you should be ready to become all too familiar with.

As expected, 2019 is another massive year for Cane Hill to stay on the horse and continue to grind their way to metal stardom. They are set to hit the road soon, as they recently were added to the Seasons Tour featuring Sylar, Varials, and Bloodline. Check them out on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with all things Cane Hill!

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